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Jean Guichard photographs the Lighthouses of North America:
We, at Alphapix had the privilege and the fun of accompanying the photographer on this unique adventure

On a lighthouse chart background, the pictures are (clockwise right to left):
Jean Guichard studies maps and plans to North American lighthouses, with the help of Carol Livingstone of the Prince Edward Lighthouse Society
Jean Guichard and journalist Jean-Claude Criton (Alphapix) take pictures of the Portland head Light
The unique rock formation at the Penmaquist Lighthouse.
On the high cliffs of Cape North (PEI) Jean-Claude holds on to Jean Guichard during a windy photo session
J. Guichard and JC Criton inside the Alphapix webmobile, used for this mission
The Alphapix Webmobile comes in handy to photograph the La Marthe Lighthouse (Québec, Canada)
Center photo: Jean Guichard inside a helicopter photographs the Campobello Island Lighthouse.

We meet Jean Guichard in beautiful Québec

An helicopter comes to pick up Jean at the
Alphapix Webmobile

Jean waits for better light conditions at the Penmaquist Lighthouse

The webmobile settles to spend the night near Penmaquist Lighthouse

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